Reimplementing different C++ classes and functionalities for learning purposes. Things such as smart pointers, function, type_traits, etc...


Online Educational Website (ASP.NET)

This website was built to help students in my country to see their books online but with a difference. I created an application for some editors and teachers to create questions, tests, videos, images and audios related to each part of the book and using that, they upload all the data above in different parts of the book and when the students click on those specific boxes in their books, they see teachers teaching those parts and see the related information like questions, tests, images, etc... Teachers and editors specify the parts they would like the students to click on in the application and attach the needed data. In the website, those parts appear as boxes that students can click on and learn important stuff and take some tests and answer some questions related to that part.

Mask Map Generator

Using different texture layers, this application creates an RGB mask map for HDRP usage.

Chunked Data Transfer

Written in C# and using the TCP stream, this application can transfer data with configurable chunk sizes, timeouts, etc... Multiple files can be handled at once using one stream and multiple threads with the help of mutexes.


Distant Android Phone Controller

Using this application, we can control Android phones with kernel based commands. The phone gets connected to a server and the client on the other side of the server, using the controller is going to see the phone's screen and also send commands and also click arbitrary locations for touch and swipe commands.

Regret - Game Created Using Unreal Engine and C++

Development In Progress... Documentation:


Project Controller

This is like an on-device project version controller that compares different versions, packaging changed or edited files so that no similar files get transferred again.

Automated Multi-Thread Exam Processor & PDF Report Generator

Written in C# for Salam School, this application reads multiple large Excel file (Data base), containing thousands of student responses to a multi-choice questionnaire, job titles and descriptions, education paths, etc. Using a specific formula to identify the student’s personality, all the responses are processed and based on their personality, they’re matched with multiple jobs. At last, a PDF file is generated with their information, personality graph, extra information and multiple pages, providing them with the jobs that match their personality and helping them choose the correct education path, learn relevant softwares, etc.You can see an example of a generated result below:

Simple AI Library in C#

This contained some of the functions I needed in AI and I decided to create a very small library based on my needs and then trained an AI brain using Reinforcement Learning and did let that trained algorithm play a game.

Automated Applications For Performing Tasks

Different Telegram Bots